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Kitchen Items

Matching Dishcloth & Terry Towels
Dishcloth 12x12
Kitchen towel 15x25
Potholder 7X7 (mauve and green only)
Available in matching: mauve, green and beige.

100% Cotton Terry Bar Mops
Use these towels for wiping down equipment in gyms as well as restaurants and industrial facilities.
Available in 24oz and 28oz- 16x19 size
Solid white as well as green, gold and blue stripes

Herringbone Towel
These towels are also known as "Glass Towels", they are lint free and are typically used in bar settings or any other location which require non-terry towels for cleaning purposes.
Available in 17oz red stripe or 21oz green stripe.

Kitchen items are available in a large range of sizes and colors, including 5 piece sets as well as matching dishcloth and kitchen towel, terry bar mops and herringbone towels.

12 x 12 Premium Terry Dish Cloth*
15 x 25 Premium Terry Dish Towel*
7 x 7 Pot Holder Color*
*available in beige, green or mauve
15 x 26 Herringbone Red Stripe
15 x 26 Herringbone Green Stripe
Terry Bar Mop White
Terry Bar Mop Blue Stripe
Terry Bar Mop Gold Stripe
Terry Bar Mop Green Stripe
Terry Rags
Aprons White Import